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All your favourite songs from

  1.   In the Coromandel — Doug McGregor
  2.   Cutting Shapes on the D-Floor — Moe, Fern, Gilbert & Frank
  3.   We Like Pets! — Moe, Fern, Gilbert & Frank
  4.   Don’t Forget to Remember — Frank
  5.   Couch Surfing — Gilbert & The Bull Kelp Surfers
  6.   Why Do Boys Get All the Colours? — Fern
  7.   Another Year of You — Frank
  8.   Wait ’Til Moe Gets Home — Fern, Gilbert & Frank
  9.   Wandering Home — Lisa Tomlins
  10. What Did You Learn About Today? — Frank & Moe

Songs composed by Jeremy Dillon & Ben Sinclair.

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Another Year of YOU!

Perform your own version of Another Year of You for your family and friends’ birthdays with this handy chord chart (with ukulele tabs).

Feel free to take a video and post it on our Facebook page.